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How to Get Telemarketers to Stop Calling Your Cell Phone

If you got rid of your landline for a cell phone, you may have expected all those annoying telemarketers to stop calling. Despite the fact that cell phone numbers are not listed in any official phonebook. Telemarketers can still easily get a hold of your cell number. When telemarketers call you on your cell, it is even more annoying since you it may cost you minutes to answer the call!

Luckily, telemarketers don�t call cell phones as often as they do landlines. We can thank the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for this. Under the TCPA, unsolicited calls to cell phones must be dialed by hand (as opposed to the automated systems which most telemarketers use). Since it takes so much more time to dial a cell number by hand, most telemarketers don�t bother calling cells.

If you see a number that you don�t recognize, then don�t answer it. If the call is important, then the caller will leave a message on your voicemail. Telemarketers typically aren�t going to bother with any message and just hang up instead. But what if you are still worried that the call was something important � should you pick up on the unknown number? Instead of wasting your time and minutes, you can sign up to a reverse phone directory to find out who called you.

Reverse phone directories let you look up a phone number and find who it is registered to. All telemarketing services, even if they are operated from abroad, should have a registered phone number which they use. A lot of the telemarketers have even stopped having their numbers blocked so they show up as �unknown caller� because they realize how many people check their caller ID first and won�t answer. A basic reverse phone directory, such as the reverse phone directory from Google or White Pages, is free. These fee phone directories don�t always have telemarketer information though. If you want the most accurate, updated information, then you will have to sign up to a paid phone directory service. Most of these services also offer people finder services too, like doing criminal background checks, finding emails for people, or looking up public records.

Since most of us don�t get hit by telemarketers on our cell phones very often, the best way to deal with the unknown numbers is simply to not answer and use the reverse phone book to find out who called. If for some reason you get hit with a lot of telemarketing calls, then you should go to (website for Direct Marketing Association) and opt out of their list. It costs $1 to do this but will cut down on the unsolicited calls that you get on your cell phone.



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