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How Do Reverse Phone Directories Work?

From the user�s end, reverse phone directories are very simple: you just type in a phone number and a search engine will instantly comb through vast records to find out who that number belongs to, as well as who the number belonged to in the past. But from the provider�s end, reverse phone directories are much more complicated than this. They have to work hard to ensure that they have access to vast amounts of up-to-date information about phone records. A lot of the time, the information on reverse phone directories isn�t available anywhere else.

With the White Pages phonebook and reverse phonebook, the information provided comes just from landline phone companies. The companies will supply the name of the people registered for that phone as well as their address. You can ask your phone company to keep your information anonymous but they will usually charge you a small yearly fee for keeping you unlisted in the phonebook. Reverse phone directories online are different because they access information from many places and even include customers who are not listed in the White Pages.

Each reverse phone directory company has its own database which is separate from other directory databases. Most of the information in the databases comes from the phone companies. In regards to cell phones, most cell network providers do have some rules about keeping your information private. They will not allow someone to look up your phone number from your name. However, if a person already has your phone number, then your name can be matched to it through a reverse phone search. The cell phone companies will sell their client list to the people search databases based on these clauses.

The people search databases will also get information from many other sources. For example, they may buy phone number lists from shopping centers where you filled out your info in exchange for discounts. Every time you put your phone number down somewhere, be wary of that company�s privacy policy because your information may make it onto the internet! This is bad news if you want your number to remain completely anonymous. For people who want to find out whose unknown number is calling them, then these massive phone number databases are a big help.

The advanced reverse cell phone directories now also collate phone numbers with other information, like any social media accounts that you have online, news information, business records, and other public information like marriage reports. Because this information can be accessed in the same way that the databases get their phone numbers, many reverse cell phone directories also offer full people search services too.


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