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Why You Should Pay for a Reverse Phone Directory Service

If you type a type a person’s name into the web, you can often come up with hoards of information about that person – such as seeing photos from their last vacation, current marriage status, their volunteer work, and much more. Internet searches are almost always free with one common exception: if you have a phone number and want to find out who it belongs to, you will likely have to join a reverse phone directory.

Tips for Monitoring You Teen’s Cell Phone Use

Cell phones give teens a sense of freedom and privacy. Unfortunately, a lot of teens are abusing this privilege and engaging in illegal or dangerous activities – like the recent trend of “sexting” and sending nude photos. As a parent, it is your obligation to find out what your children are doing on their cell phones and who is contacting them. There are many applications and reverse cell phone directories which can help keep your children safe.

Watch Out for Scam SMS Messages!

Do you remember when you used to get junk mail telling you to send in $100 and claim a massive prize? In most cases, the prize never existed and thousands of people lost their money. We started to see less mail scams because the scams instead went online through email. Scammers love the internet because it makes it so easy anonymously reach so many people. Now, the scammers are taking advantage of people in another way: scam SMS messages. The prevalence of these scams makes it necessary to use a reverse phone directory.

How to Remove Yourself from Phone Directories

If you have a landline phone number, then you will be included in your local phonebook by default. You have to ask your phone company to keep your information anonymous if you don’t want your information public (and this usually costs a fee). There are no official phonebooks for cell phone numbers. So, you might think that means your cell phone number is private and can’t be used to access your personal information. Wrong! Just signup to a reputable reverse cell phone directory and type in your cell phone number. You will not only see your name come up, but may also see other personal information too. For people who value privacy, it is unfortunately very difficult to get yourself removed from these listings.

How to Get Telemarketers to Stop Calling Your Cell Phone

If you got rid of your landline for a cell phone, you may have expected all those annoying telemarketers to stop calling. Despite the fact that cell phone numbers are not listed in any official phonebook. Telemarketers can still easily get a hold of your cell number. When telemarketers call you on your cell, it is even more annoying since you it may cost you minutes to answer the call!

Just How Accurate are Reverse Phone Directories Anyway?

There are dozens of different reverse phone directories on the web which make it easy to find out who is calling you. But, if you use a few of these phone number lookup services, you will find out that the results vary drastically.

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